Desen has created a brand that embodies the true spirit of ethical production and sustainable fashion. Founded in 2020 by a talented trio of a mother and her two daughters, Nazan, Izel and Hazal Maras, Desen originated in Istanbul and has now established its headquarters in New York. In 2023, Desen pivoted to artificial intelligence to merge creativity, technology, and environmental consciousness in a novel way.

To realize our vision of marrying our creative prowess with efficient production, we turned to the power of artificial intelligence. By leveraging AI, we have revolutionized our design process, ensuring that each collection is a testament to originality and ingenuity.

Our creation journey begins with an eclectic array of inspiration and many ideas that fuel our creative fire. These concepts are then transformed into tangible samples crafted by our artisans. This meticulous process ensures that every piece we create is a distinct work of art inspired by our unique perspectives.

We have adopted a personalized approach to production. Upon receiving catalog orders and precise measurements, we embark on each item’s slow, deliberate creation. This slow process allows us to infuse our products with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Before finalizing any purchase, we actively engage our customers in decision-making. We share detailed photographs of the completed item, empowering the buyer to make an informed choice. Only when the buyer is delighted do we proceed with the transaction. This unique method ensures customer delight and significantly reduces wastage by preventing unsold items from entering circulation. Each customer receives a unique and one-of-a-kind product tailored to their preferences and perfectly wearable. By embracing AI-driven design, we unlock a world of limitless possibilities where fashion becomes a personal statement of style and sustainability.

Desen’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the mere concept of eco-friendly materials. We are pioneering a new way of working that epitomizes the essence of ethical fashion, which minimizes waste and fosters a deeper connection between our creations and those who wear them.

To meet the demand of production, Desen is reaching out to Turkish women who possess incredible crafting skills but have limited access to economic opportunities. These women, who often work from the comfort of their own homes, have honed their craft over years, creating exquisite pieces with meticulous attention to detail.

By tapping into this untapped pool of talent, Desen aims to uplift these women artisans and provide them with a platform to showcase their exceptional skills. Through collaboration and empowerment, Desen strives to create a positive impact on the lives of these artisans and their communities.

Expanding the artisan network not only amplifies Desen’s commitment to sustainability but also helps preserve and promote traditional craftsmanship. The fusion of the brand’s innovative design approach with the rich heritage of Turkish artistry promises to yield truly exceptional and culturally significant creations.

As Desen expands its artisan network and collaborates with these talented Turkish women, the brand’s offerings will undoubtedly become imbued with a deeper sense of authenticity, cultural significance, and social impact.

Desen stands at the forefront of a new era in fashion, where technology and human creativity converge to redefine the boundaries of what is possible. Join us in celebrating the beauty of uniqueness and sustainability as we continue to push the boundaries of what responsible and sustainable fashion can be.